Web Design in Dallas: Watch Out for the Penguin

Web design trends this year go beyond being responsive into keeping online readers glued to your website. All your web design efforts, however, will be a waste if your site failed a look-see from Google Penguin.

Penguin is Google’s spam eradicator algorithm designed to ensure users of the best search results and spam-free content. Even if your web design includes infographics and maps for online readers, Penguin may demote or remove it from results pages if it detects bogus content on the site.

Penguin-Proof Your Website

Google does not favor any form of paid links or blog networks which use monetary means to get to the top of search results. In this context, Penguin would flag your content if it has been found to have low-quality backlinks or if fake and unsolicited web pages are linking to you. A recent data refresh (wherein data within an algorithm is updated) has affected 1% of English queries, which is equivalent to millions of pages removed.

Like they say, too much is never good, and that can be detrimental to your website in the face of Google Penguin. Begin cleaning your website for fake online advertisements and quit overloading your content with keywords. Simply create quality and relevant content for online readers then let them disseminate your product or service through word or social media.


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