Detecting a Broken Trailer Bearing

Bearings play a very important role in facilitating the smooth rotation of cargo and boat trailer wheels on the road. They bear the force exerted on the wheel, keeping the latter from slowing down due to load weight or from the pressure applied once the vehicle rounds a tight curve. Due to friction, sharp impacts, or seawater corrosion, pits and dents may appear on the bearing balls and result in premature wear.

The problem with this is that its symptoms often aren’t easily noticeable until they have caused irreversible damage to the wheel. The bearing damage may not always make itself obvious by producing noise. Instead, it will just roll along until the wheel suddenly fails. The wheel may detach at high speeds, so regular and thorough checkups are a necessity.

When the trailer seems to swing from side to side, it would be safe to pull over and check for signs of slack on the wheels. It’s best to take them to trusted automotive technicians for a careful inspection to determine whether a repair or replacement is necessary. The driver should also keep a trailer bearing kit with him containing races, seals, and bearings, while on a long road journey to be able to do the necessary repairs or replacements himself.


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